Koyo Machinery's Newly Expanded Machine Rebuild Department

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At Koyo Machinery U.S.A., we have recently expanded our Machine Rebuild Department. We can offer different levels of machine rebuilding to meet your specific grinding needs. Whether you would like to improve part quality, fine-tune machine performance, enhance ease of operation, grind a new part, or make your machine like new again, our local sales and service office in Plymouth, Michigan can help you. The different levels of grinding machine rebuild service that we offer are retool, overhaul, retrofit and remanufacture.


Since tooling consists of components designed to handle a certain workpiece, retooling involves replacing existing tooling to grind a new part type.


Overhauling involves disassembling the machine or an assembly to inspect and repair, if necessary with new components. Overhauling generally delivers favorable results in machine performance, although this level of service does not include certifying the static accuracies of the machine.


Retrofitting involves replacing a component or accessory that is either obsolete or that was not originally installed on the machine with new or upgraded components or accessories. For example, updating original Fanuc O-Mate controls with Fanuc 35i controls.


Remanufacture is a combination of overhauling, retooling and retrofitting, rebuilding the machine back to OEM specifications and certifying the machine’s static accuracies.

Capital equipment expenditures in remanufacturing show a growing trend over the last ten years, according to U.S. financing activity for sale and lease transactions. One reason companies are opting for remanufacturing an existing grinding machine is the cost savings over purchasing a new one. Another reason for the trend is that the time it takes to rebuild an existing machine may be shorter than a new purchase. Furthermore, Koyo may be able to perform some levels of overhaul and retrofit right on your shop floor. 

Koyo Machinery U.S.A. is a certified OEM rebuilder. Koyo Machinery’s rebuild service offers you the distinct advantage of having our factory-trained service engineers perform the work, plus access to all of your grinding machine’s original documents and information. With our remanufacturing service, our service engineers can restore your grinding machine to the original factory specifications and certify static accuracies. Your remanufactured machine is warrantied for a full year after the service is performed.

Retrofit, retool and overhaul levels of our rebuilding service come with a one year warranty on all new parts and labor.

Initiating an inquiry for our rebuild service is quick and easy. Just visit our website and fill out our inquiry form for machine rebuild.  If you’d rather call us, you can reach our service manager, Justin Helterbran at (734) 354-5230. Or, you can email your request directly to jhelterbran@koyomachinery.com. To expedite this process, please include your machine information such as model and serial number. Also, pictures and a description of what you would like done on your machine would be helpful to us.

It is our hope that by tailoring our level of rebuild service to your specific needs, we can assist you in your continued success.


“If change is needed but not implemented, you pay for a new process without getting it.”

– Author unknown


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