Koyo Machinery USA's Environmental Pursuit

Environmental Pursuit of Koyo Machinery USA

Koyo Machinery USA, Inc. deeply recognizes the significance of global environmental preservation.

We are voluntarily and pro-actively pursuing global environmental protection activities with the collective effort of all our employees.

  1. We are aiming at continuous improvement of our environmental protection activities to harmonize our business operations with the environment.
  2. We are dedicated to pro-actively preventing environmental pollution by adhering to environmental laws, regulations, agreements and other requirements related to business activities.
  3. We are working on the following items as environmental management objectives related to business activities, products and services:
    A. Understanding the technical needs for global environmental protection, and developing/offering products that consider these needs
    B. Cut down CO2 by effective use of consumable energy
    C. Reduction in waste
    D. Thorough management of chemical substances and lowering the use of environmentally hazardous materials
    E. Reduction in main materials/auxiliary materials
    F. Preservation and improvement of regional environment
    G. Implementation of recycling programs