What's so Special about Special Grinders?


What’s so special about Koyo Grinders? Well for one, there’s a different type of grinder for every day of the week and then some. If you’ve been reading along with our blogs, first we centered on centerless, then we scratched the surface in our discussion of surface grinders, and now we will discuss our other specialty, special grinders. All this variety and versatility leads us to another topic, combining various grinding applications into an automated grinding cell, but that’s a discussion that we have lined up for another blog on another day. So please follow along with us for all the great grinding tips and tidbits we have coming up! If you haven’t been following along, you can bring yourself up to speed by circling back and checking out our previous posts here.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of special grinding. Special grinders address those areas of a part that centerless and surface grinders cannot. For example, there are I.D. (inner diameter) grinders, O.D. (outer diameter) grinders, internal groove grinders, shoe-type grinders, end-face grinders, and so forth.

I.D. grinders grind the inside of a cylindrical opening of a part to a precise diameter and surface finish. Some parts that are ground on I.D. grinders are clutches, housings and inner rings. Koyo’s VG50 is a vertical spindle-type grinder capable of grinding I.D. and recessed surfaces.

O.D. grinders grind the outside diameter of a cylindrical part to a precise diameter and surface finish. Some parts that are ground on O.D. grinders are output shafts and pistons. With this type of grinding, the part may be chucked or clamped, or it may rest on a work blade, such as with centerless grinding.

An internal groove grinder can grind the length and width of grooves in parts such as gears and crank shafts. Koyo’s SAM084 Internal Groove Grinder is developed to grind cylinder grooves in rotary compressors.

 A shoe-type grinder is basically a centerless grinder that replaces the work blade and regulating wheel with two steel shoes. In doing so, one-pass grinding can be achieved. Some parts that are ground on a shoe-type grinder are inner rings and bearing races. Koyo’s 3RG-510 is a race way centerless grinder capable of high precision and high efficiency grinding.

An end-face grinder grinds the flat faces of the part while it is chucked to achieve a precise surface finish and perpendicularity. Some parts that are ground on an end-face grinder are inner rings and rotors. Koyo’s VG300A uses an angled head to achieve O.D. and end-face grinding simultaneously. Koyo’s VGM5 is a multi-head grinder that can achieve high precision grinding of O.D., I.D., and end-face with one chuck.

For more information about these different types of grinders, please visit our website at www.koyomachinery.com/machine-tools/grinders/special-grinders.html

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