Koyo Machinery Attends The International Manufacturing Technology Show

PLYMOUTH, MI – September 1, 2016 - Koyo Machinery, a leading manufacturer of grinding machine tools and apparatus for high-tolerance precision grinding, plans to attends The International Manufacturing Technology show this September in Chicago.

The International Manufacturing Technology Show is one of the largest industrial trade shows in the world. Featuring more than 2,000 exhibiting companies and over 114,000 registrants, this particular event happens only every two years in September at the McCormick Place complex in Chicago, IL.

The International Manufacturing Trade Show focuses on state-of-the-art industrial equipment and machinery designed to provide solutions to current manufacturing problems that manufacturers may face on a day-to-day operation, which include: improving productivity, improving parts quality, and developing a stable, competent workforce to lower the cost of manufacturing and create new levels of market demand.

Manufacturing industry professionals from all over the world attend this event to see more than 15,000 new machine tools, software, computers, controls, as well as systems and processes that can improve their efficiency. The idea is to gain as much valuable insight as possible from over 2,000 exhibitors from the metalworking industry that come together under one roof to discuss new opportunities.

“Our goal is to showcase our latest technology which offers distinct advantages in the manufacturing process, such as decreased cycle times, ease of operation and reduced maintenance. We are debuting the C6060 Centerless Grinder which is capable of using CBN grinding wheels for the grinding of large workpieces. Another goal we have for IMTS is to take in as much information as possible and explore fresh ideas to further meet the needs of manufacturers. We are extremely excited for this opportunity and look forward to the event” says Jennifer Brozek, Marketing and Sales Coordinator at Koyo Machinery.

Koyo is dedicated to the kaizen concept, which deals with incremental improvement. Aside from the continuous efforts to improve the efficiency and quality of Koyo products, Koyo has been providing grinding machines and other manufacturing products to customers in the automotive, heavy equipment, aerospace, medical, IT, and other manufacturing industries for decades, all with top-notch engineering expertise to every customer.

The International Manufacturing Technology Show focuses on education and will host nine different conferences. Attendees and exhibitors find solutions for their various manufacturing needs all while learning more about this ever-changing and highly advanced industry. 

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