Benefits of Using CBN Grinding Wheels

In the manufacturing world, successful machining depends on durable, sharp, and well-maintained cutting tools that ensure speed, precision, and quality.

Cubic boron nitride (CBN) grinding wheels are extremely useful in machines for projects that require intricate attention to detail. These wheels are made out of cubic boron nitride, one of the hardest materials available second to diamonds.

"These grinding machines contain a high abrasion resistance and thermal conductivity material that work to maintain and provide sharp cutting edges - for projects that require a high attention to detail, CBN grinding wheels are the recommended choice,” says JD Carlson of Noritake Abrasives division.

Compared to aluminum oxide abrasives, CBN grains have twice the hardness, 55 times higher thermal conductivity, and four times higher the abrasive resistance. These grinding machines are well-suited for grinding high-speed alloy tools, which in turn cause little to no thermal damage to cutting edges due to their cool cutting design action, consistent sharp edges with no loss of hardness, increased grinding productivity due to less downtime, and less time required for any gauging or wheel changes.

CBN grinding wheels, when properly maintained and cared for, have an almost indefinite lifespan, which makes them a first choice next to a normal granular wheel due to their extreme durability.

Aside from producing better-quality cutting edges, the use of CBN grinding wheels for a variety of hardened cutting tools can reduce your overall cost of grinding by 20-50%, depending on its applications. Since there is little conditioning involved, these machines require even less downtime for any wheel maintenance.

When selecting your CBN wheel for tool and cutting operations, bond type, grit size, and concentration are the factors you should take into consideration when replacing any other aluminum oxide wheel.


For questions about properly selecting your next CBN grinding wheel machine, contact Koyo Machinery. Leading manufacturers around the world rely on Koyo Machinery for expert assistance on CBN grinding wheel machinery and other various grinding tools needs. For expert consultations on how to improve your engineering and grinding process, contact us today.


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